01 | Architectural and engineering design

Building Guide for Engineering Consultancy is certified by the local municipality, ministries, and other government agencies. Therefore, we have agreements and cooperation with international engineering offices. Our team provides solutions for urbanization issues, the use for real estate and other infrastructure elements. Structural planning for locals who use public services to study population growth, urbanization for the city, and our engineer’s specialist study designs. They make sure about the specifications and instructions from competent authority from these

02 | Project Management

Engineering Consultation has high-quality components that enable it to manage all types of projects technically, administratively and financially using the latest programs in project management, and to provide technical support services for projects by providing the government and private sector with all technical cadres in all disciplines in addition to supervising all types of construction contracts And maintenance for all government and private agencies.

03 | Interior Design

The interior design team is highly experienced and has a high taste in designing interior decorations for all projects. We study and design plans for the distribution of interior furniture and produce internal perspectives for all areas inside the building.

04 | Urban Design

Urban design services are one of the main pillars of work that the Building Guide Office for Engineering Consultancy relies on to provide modern solutions in this field through the following tracks:

  • Study the vital and central areas in cities and develop designs for them
  • Rehabilitation of existing urban areas
  • Designing villages, cities and tourist resort

05 | Cadastral Services

  • D lifting and staking.
  • Create contour maps.
  • Surveying and Architectural Levitation.
  • Border surveying.
  • Surveying for full details.
  • Lifting through GPS.
  • Preparing cadastral maps.
  • Staking of roads and infrastructure lines.
  • Calculation of excavation and backfill quantities.
  • Land division.
  • Receipt of cadastral works.
  • Supervising the implementation of roads

06 | Real estate unit sorting

  • Surveying the units and residential buildings according to the nature and conforming to the approved plans.
  • Inspect the safety of the building and issue certificates of endurance.
  • Preparing detailed plans for real estate units.
  • Preparing cadastral reports for real estate units.
  • Fill out all forms and data with the total area and other graphic details to be submitted to the competent municipality.