the Building Guide consultancy office

At the Building Guide consultancy office, we are committed professionally to make best standards, latest engineering designs, urban and architect designing. Also, providing special services in sites supervision and project management. We invest in our staff by hiring, well trained and expert. We care about our clients and transform their ideas into reality. We are managing projects with effective vision caring about details and sustain high level of professionalism.

Building Guide office was founded to a leading consultancy office, with several projects were fulfilled at most regions of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are looking to be one of the best by collaborating with other international engineering firms to get the best practices and services.

The Building Guide office provides high levels of designing services from a specialized team in different design & construction fields. Using design programs, analyzing new engineering methods, and full knowledge about international and local building codes. The engineering design process in our office is based on three main considerations: easy and detailed – quality – functioned well.