Engineering Consultancy

Building Guide for Engineering Consultancy is certified by the local municipality, ministries, and other government agencies. Therefore, we have agreements and cooperation with international engineering offices.

Project Management

Building Guide Office for Engineering Consultation has high-quality components that enable it to manage all types of projects technically, administratively and financially using the latest programs in project management, and to provide technical support services for projects by providing the government and private sector with all technical cadres in all disciplines in addition to supervising all types of construction contracts And maintenance for all government and private agencies.

Cadastral Services

We have a professional team with long experience in the fields of surveying engineering, maps and general supervision of the implementation of large and medium projects through the following tracks:

Potentials and components

We have the high quality components that enable us to manage and supervise all types of projects technically, administratively and financially and provide technical support services for projects through distinguished technical cadres in all specialties and for all projects

Residential villa + 120

+ m2 40000

Townhouses + 75

+ m2 13500

Residential apartments + 7

+ m2 17000

Hospitality & hospitality + 1

+ m2 18000

Commercial+ 2

+ m2 12000

Real estate development+ 2

+ m2 60000

How we work

01 | Access to the best designs that meet or exceed the expectations of the owner and beneficiary.

02 | Full knowledge of local and international specifications, requirements and procedures required by the competent authorities

03 | The distinctive idea in the design

04 | Thorough study of the objectives, requirements and costs of the project.

05 | Consider the designs to be environmentally friendly

06 | Developing appropriate designs and not exaggerating the safety factor

07 | Take advantage of modern technologies taking into account beauty, ecology, safety, flexibility and other important factors.

08 | Apply quality control, quality and value improvement programs to all projects.

suliman Ali
suliman Ali
مكتب هندسي متميز قائم على مبدأ (جمال التصميم يكمن في التفصيل👌🏻) كما يمتاز بطرح جميع التصاميم السكنيه والتجاريه بما يتوافق مع الكودات المعمارية الحديثه مثل كود وادي حنيفه
سليمان السالمي
سليمان السالمي
مكتب هندسي ممتاز وحريص في التعامل و تنفيذ متطلبات العميل لديهم خبرة عاليه في البناء وإعطاء المقترحات وتطبيق الانظمة الجديدة في البناء و و اشكرالاخ ابو محمد لحسن اتعامل
ahmed abusaleh
ahmed abusaleh
مكتب هندسي ممتاز ورقى في التعامل و تحقيق متطلبات العميل لديهم خبرة ممتازة في البناء وإعطاء المقترحات وتطبيق الانظمة الجديدة في البناء تتوافق مع متطلبات البناء الجديدة في البلديات
Hind Almuhaidib
Hind Almuhaidib
رقي في التعامل و دقه في المواعيد مع سرعة و مرونه اجراء التعديلات
Mohammad Mualla
Mohammad Mualla
مكتب يعطيك جميع الخدمات وتعامل راقي وخدمة اكثر من ممتازة بصراحه يستاهل اكثر من خمسة نجوم 🙏 اشكرهم على احسانهم في العمل

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We face the challenge of consolidating new concepts of the modern architecture style and we believe that we are able to make a qualitative leap in the real estate and construction market, we have overcome all obstacles, it remains only to take advantage of these opportunities by experimenting with us.